Wednesday 16th May – The Art of the Gin Cocktail with Sacred Spirits

Made by Craved

Meet the company who have redefined the distillation of Gin, and brought an innovative taste to London.

Award-winning Sacred Spirits are hosting a Craved Collective event on Wednesday 16th May at their beautiful pub The Star in Highgate, which they took over in October last year.

Sacred was founded in 2008 by Ian and Hilary Hart, when they started experimenting with gin production by using vacuum distillation as opposed to a traditional pot still, all in the living room of their house in Highgate. After a fascinating journey to success, they have now got another distillery in The Star, and have branched out into vodka, vermouth and whiskey.

The event will include a guided tour of the distillery, and then tastings of various Sacred spirits, ranging from the classic gin, to more distinctive flavours such as liquorice and cardamom, and the Sacred Peated English Whiskey. You will also be given 3 cocktails to enjoy throughout the evening, with a class by an expert mixologist, to display how each one is made, and the reasoning behind the ingredients.

Here is an opportunity not to be missed, as you will learn about Sacred’s unique distilling methods, the story behind the name, and the extraordinary botanicals that they use to make their spirits so special.

Date: Wednesday 16th May

Time: 7pm

Location: The Star, 47 Chester Road, Highgate, London N19 5DF

What’s included? 

  • 3 cocktails, including Gin & Tonic, Negroni and Martini, and class by expert mixologist
  • Tour of distillery from a Sacred Spirit expert
  • 6 spirit tastings, including various different exciting gins and the Peated English Whiskey