Meet the team

We've got a lot of exciting plans at Craved which means we need some pretty awesome people to make them happen. Small, but perfectly formed, here is our dream team turning the cogs at Craved HQ.


David Voxlin - Founder

David started his career working on climate change and marketing strategy at places such as World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), McKinsey & Co, and LRW, before coming up deciding that there was a way to both create positive social change and spend lots of time tasting food. Remarkably he's managed to stay slim despite living above Kappacasein micro-dairy, the Kernel Brewery, and England Preserves for many years.

Favourite food? Pickled things. 

Tipple of choice? Rum (preferably with a cigar) 


Neena Sandhu - Head of Operations


Rozzy Middleton - Head of Digital Marketing