Craft Food Uncovered

What is craft food?

Craft food uses small batch production to create products of a high quality and superior taste. Craft food producers are independent and know their art well – be it wine fermentation, cheese making or honey harvesting, they take the time and make the effort to develop their expertise. Craft produce differs from the output of major supermarkets; producers know exactly what ingredients are in their products and where they come from. Nothing is factory-made.

Why we love it

It reconnects us with our food by bringing transparency to the production process. Information on all of our craft food and beverage producers is readily available on our website so you know exactly who and where your food is coming from, changing the relationship we have with our food. The food system we know creates a void between the producer and the customer but we hope to fill this void, personalising the food market and reconnecting us with what we eat.

It strengthens the local economy. Craft food production is super-local. All of Craved’s producers are UK-based; we own the London niche selling over 120 products from over 80 local UK producers.

From Bermondsey Tonic Water to Dalston Chillies, craft food allows small, local business to flourish. In some cases they expand outside of production and become attractions in themselves, with companies such as Gosnells Mead in Peckham opening their doors to the public every Saturday. At Craved we hope to support and strengthen these local businesses.

Quality. Craft food is made by people who care about their work and prioritise quality and taste. They use the best ingredients and don’t add anything strange or make short cuts to aid mass production. We put in work too and have searched long and hard for the tastiest craft food and drink made in the country, and though taste is subjective, we are confident that you will love our products as much as we do.

How we source

There are three things that are top of our list of priorities when we source our products:

1. It's all craft food

Made using small batch techniques, made with love and care, made with the best quality ingredients, made with no short cuts.

2. It's all made in the UK

Everything we sell has been made on our green and pleasant land. From central London to the Scottish countryside, we've kept thing local to the UK, as we've got a lot of craft producers to uncover and discover. 

3. It's all tasty

It's a hard job but someone has to try the newest, and tastiest food out there. We truly believe we are offering the yummiest food and drink our Isle has to offer. You're just going to have to try some and find out for yourself!