Your Piece Baking Company

They say you’ll do anything for the love of a good woman (or man) and there’s nothing more true for Daniel, founder of Your Piece Baking Company. In 2009, after working in the wine business in Europe for years, Daniel moved back to Scotland with his wife, who hails from the area.

Shortly after returning he discovered the Scottish Oatcake. Not the ‘cardboard like’ version you get in supermarkets, but the handmade oatcake, still made by most bakeries in Scotland. He decided… more people should know about these.

Starting in the back of his car with boxes of samples and a price list, Daniel and his wife, who’s in charge of all the branding, have grown the business to over 30 baked products and now sell to small businesses across the UK. They hand make, pin and cut all their products by hand – the only way to make them properly. Their ingredients are sourced locally where possible with most of the oats coming from a local farmer in Fife. 

Daniel hopes that one-day Scottish Oatcakes will be protected, so only those that make them properly will be allowed to. Watch this space. We get the feeling Daniel is a pretty determined guy.

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