Tipple Tails

Sheffield-based Jane, founder and owner of Tipple Tails, makes some of the best fruit cakes we’ve tasted. We don't know if its more because of her love of homemade food or the amazing high-quality locally, local produce she uses, but we have a feeling it comes down to both. 

She has years of marketing and entrepreneurial experience under her belt, teaching people how to sell and market their products. When she was made redundant from her job a few years ago due to a lack of funding, her husband said to her that she should put it to good use and start selling her popular fruit cakes. 

Sourcing locally is really important to Jane, and all Tipple Tails ingredients are from the local area where possible- including for her packaging. She still does everything herself, and the business is slowly expanding. She's even sent some of her amazing fruit cakes to New Zealand! We can't wait to see what's next in line for Jane.