The Marshmallowist

A Paris-trained chocolatier, a few years ago Oonagh realised there was a lack of marshmallow makers in Britain, so she decided to fill the gap herself. Now she specialises in making gourmet, luxury marshmallows made with flavours inspired by her experience working as a confectioner in France and London. 

Oonagh's marshmallows are devilishly delicious, a result of her refusal to use additives and preservatives as well as her insistence on using fresh fruit from Covent Garden Market to give them both their colour and their natural flavour.

With a book coming out in 2016 as well as plans to expand her amazing range, Oonagh's goal is to keep being creative and innovative while growing the best kind of company she possibly can (she's a living wage employer and she uses sustainably sourced packaging material). As if we needed another excuse to keep eating her fabulous treats.