Sibling Distillery

Cicely and her brothers and sister always knew what they wanted to work for themselves, just like their parents who ran an ale brewery. But they wanted to pursue something different, so they decided to take up distilling.

To begin with, they were uninitiated in the gin world but they used that to their advantage: they conducted dozens of blind tastings to learn and understand what consumers really wanted. Over time, they developed their recipe with the consumer in mind, as opposed to the connoisseur, and the feedback from the blind tastings kept on improving until they finally settled on a final recipe.

The siblings focus on distilling their gin for the best flavour possible- regardless of tradition or heritage. Everything is done by hand, from bottling to building up the base alcohol so that they remain in control of the quality from the very beginning to the very end. This ethos is exactly why their gin is so good. 

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