Seaforth Chocolate Co.

Abraham has always had an appreciation for chocolate, enjoying it with his family on special occasions. Over time he started questioning the production process and became increasingly interested in bean to bar chocolate making.

Noting that the bean to bar chocolate movement is following a similar journey to that of the coffee industry, he started seriously thinking about producing his own chocolate, staying true to the origin of the bean. 

In 2014 Abraham started Seaforth Chocolate Co. – importing cocoa beans from Grenada and the Dominican Republic to create single origin chocolate. His beans are delivered by a boat called ‘Tres Hombres’ – translated as three friends. They sail from the Caribbean to the Isle of Wight on a ship powered by sails only, docking at Yarmouth pier where Abe helps it moor and unload. This connection with the bean, right from it’s arrival on UK shores, to the finished bar, is important for Abraham - which is why he moved to the Isle of Wight especially. 

Abraham has big plans for Seaforth, hoping to diversify the range into chocolate brews and cocoa drinks. So, watch this space.

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