Plain Tasty

While on sabbatical in 2013, Tom (who is half-Danish) decided to start experimenting with making a simple snack made from sourdough rye. He and his wife Vicky (who is all Danish), had been on a healthy eating streak, which inspired his desire to make a simple product free from chemicals and additives. Rye, which is historically a popular staple in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, seemed like the perfect base ingredient.

Having worked 20 years in the design industry and being a huge lover of delicious food, it didn't take long for him to get things going. Despite the relative difficulty of working with rye on its own, Tom discovered the perfect method for fermenting it and baking it. And so Plain Tasty was born. 

Tom focuses on making delicious, nutritious crackers made exclusively with sourdough rye and inspired by classic Nordic flavours. Tasty, handmade and authentically flavoured... what more could you ask for in a humble cracker?

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