Pilton Cider

After noticing some lonely, unharvested apples in a neighbouring orchard, Michael decided to try his hand at cider making. A computer software engineer at the time, he soon discovered the brilliance of creating a product from scratch and decided to turn his hobby into a career.

Michael uses a traditional cider making process called Keeving that uses only one ingredient – the apple. No sugar, no water, not additives - Pilton cider lets you appreciate the magic of the humble apple in a way that most others don’t. By not fully fermenting, the cider retains a natural sweetness from the fruit balanced with a sharpness that makes it a perfect pre-dinner drink.

Michael’s aim is to get more people drinking good cider, cracking open a bottle of Pilton instead of Prosecco – thinking about cider as an alternative to wine rather than just beer. It’s not just us that think this cider is something special. At the 2014 Great Taste Awards Pilton Cider was awarded three gold stars. Now that deserves a virtual high five.

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