Nookie Bar

Nookie bar was founded by brothers Doug and Marcus with the vision of providing a healthier snack bar. Marcus had experimented with ingredients and cooking methods in his kitchen for a couple of years, inspired by the latest superfood trends that he had picked up from around the world on his travels. Their mum then came up with the idea that Marcus' creativity combined with Doug's business mind could result in interesting things. 

As we eat more on the go, the easy options available to us are usually what author Michael Pollan calls food-like products. In contrast, Marcus and Doug only use natural, wholesome ingredients in their bars. Their aim is to provide a healthier snack bar option without compromising on flavour. 

The brothers still source each ingredient and create all of their bars from scratch themselves: they temper the raw chocolate and make the bars, before cutting and packaging them. Their ambition is to get a new member of the team to help with production so that they can spend more time on developing new flavours and meeting their customers.