Nip from the Hip

Nip from the Hip is a small Kent-based family run business that specialises in making delicious home made fruit liqueurs. 

The idea came from Alison’s wedding, where she and her husband Paul gave their guests hip flasks filled with fruit liqueurs made by her mother Joy. The liqueurs were so popular, and everyone loved saying they were having a “nip from the hip” so much, that the idea to start selling them was born. 

Perhaps what stands out most about the liqueurs is that the fruits used to make them are sourced as locally as possible (sometime the family goes an picks the fruit themselves!). No additives or preservatives are used to make them, and the colour and taste come entirely from the fruit.

Alison is thinking about eventually introducing hip flasks into their repertoire to pay homage to their original inspiration for the business. That way, everyone will be able to enjoy a little nip from the hip!

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