Mast Brothers

Brothers Rick and Michael Mast have always loved food. Working as an accountant and chef, they often hosted dinner parties where craft and small batch food was celebrated. 

At one particular dinner, chocolate became the topic of conversation. Intrigued, they began to research the agricultural background and became increasingly interested in the chocolate making process. Their hobby soon became a career; both brothers abandoned their jobs and became pioneers of the bean to bar chocolate movement. Originating in Brooklyn, Mast Brothers set up shop in East London in early 2015.

Mast Brothers stay true to the natural flavour of the bean. They avoid overpowering ingredients, instead developing blends that compliment and accentuate the bean. All their cocoa beans are hand harvested and sun dried, except for one from Papua New Guinea where the humidity means the beans must be smoke dried. Mast works closely with their bean growers, ensuring all farmers are paid a fair wage.

Mast Brothers make their bars by hand in their chocolate factory-come-shop in Shoreditch. They do daily factory tours and tastings (no oompa loompas we’re afraid! We did look) so when you’re next in the area we recommend a visit.

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