Liberty Fields

One year after a trip to Modena, Italy, Vicky and Robert became inspired by the delicious traditional balsamic vinegar made there. Robert, a chef, decided to start experimenting with making his own. He quickly realised that apples in Dorset had similar flavour profiles to the grapes used in Italy, and after a couple of years of testing the idea, he and Vicky - with the help of a few friends - started their own orchard. 

That orchard has now grown to over 1600 trees yielding over 70 varieties of apples, all of which were hand planted by them and their friends. This gives them the produce and inspiration they need to continue developing amazing apple-based products based on the different flavour profiles of their apples. Their aim is to continue being innovative with their yields (they're now developing an apple vodka!), and to grow apples and protecting rare varieties. 

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