Bill has always enjoyed making things from scratch, and earlier in his career he constructed buildings, grew crops, and made wine. He also trained with Swiss cheese makers and spent time making goat’s cheese on a farm in France, but it was not until after he got a job at Neal’s Yard Dairy that he became obsessed with cheese and firmly set his mind on becoming a cheese maker. He spent over a decade at Neal’s Yard, where owner Randolph Hodgson supported Bill to use the company’s cheeses to start making his soon-to-be famous raclette and toasted cheese sandwiches in Borough Market. 

Kappacasein was founded in 2002, and eight years later Bill set up is dairy and started making Cheese in London. From the start Bill had a few clear principles for his cheese-making: organic milk, using the environment, not heating or cooling the milk excessively. As he puts it: "For me it means having confidence in nature, and not trying to control it, but nurturing it”.