Jensen's Gin

Jensen's Gin was established in 2004 as a product of Christian Jensen’s passion for the drink. 10 years later, in August 2014, Jensen's opened their first distillery. Located in Bermondsey, South London, the distillery is an intricate web of pipes and funnels reminiscent of an eccentric scientist’s laboratory – Master Distiller Anne admits it feels that way sometimes! It's here that the Jensen's team works their magic, producing two highly acclaimed handmade spirits – Bermondsey Dry and Old Tom Gin.

Jensen’s is constantly innovating and tying out new ideas and blends. They’re big dreamers and always have some exciting new products in their project pipeline. Their distillery, in the railway arches of Bermondsey, is open to the public every Saturday. So pop down between 10am – 4pm. They’ll have the gin waiting.


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