Husk & Honey Granola

A few years ago, Hedie found herself spending some time in Brazil and living off of the delicious and nutritious granola they had down there. When she returned home, she quickly noticed a difference in the quality of what granola was available to her in London, so she started making her own. 

To Hedie, it seemed that one was either invited to enjoy great taste, or great nutritional value - there was nothing on offer that captured both, and that's what she wanted to achieve. After getting loads of positive feedback and encouragement from friends and family, she decided to leave her job and set up a business making healthy, sugar-free delicious granola. A few years later, she's still going strong. 

Hedie's sister, Verity, recently left her job as an investment banker to join Hedie and help her grow the business, so we're expecting big things to come from the Husk & Honey sisters!