Holmes Bakery

Harold’s family has been in the food business for three generations, and now he works with his wife, Daphne and daughter, Gillian, in making great, fresh products.

They bought Holmes Bakery in 2008 and keep the operation running as part of their bigger business. Their baked goods are really something special- probably thanks to the fact that they source everything from their home of Northern Ireland where they can.

Ideas for new products at their bakery comes at any time of the day or night for Gillian, who keeps a notepad near her bed in case inspiration comes to her in the middle of the night (it’s been known to happen). 

While they plan to keep on making their amazing food for as many people as possible, the family takes great pride in having remained a family business after all this time. According to Gillian, they’ve all been involved since a young age, so it’s truly in their blood.