Dalston Chillies

DJ and obsessive amateur cook Ben became interested in chillies while trying out recipes in his Hackney kitchen. While experimenting with African, Thai, and Mexican food he got to know the difference between different types of chillies. That's when he fell in love with Scotch Bonnet, which became the basis for his first homemade hot sauce.

His hot sauce was an instant success and after his friends, and then friends of friends, began demanding more and more of the hot sauce, he founded Dalston Chillies to keep up with demand. At this point he was still DJing and started selling the hot sauce from behind the turn tables at his sets. 

His approach to his sauces is dead simple. They are all made from great ingredients and not tampered with too much. Instead of relying on artificial preservatives, he works hard to get the salt and vinegar balance just right, removing the need to add anything else.

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