Crown and Queue

After working in the food industry for 16 years (three of which were for an apprenticeship with a Master Italian butcher), Adrienne decided she wanted to put something of her own out there. And we’re so glad she did!

Adrienne now specializes in making cured meats inspired by classic British dishes. She makes everything herself in a process that she devised to bring out the very best flavours her meats have to offer. She sources everything carefully, personally visiting all of the farms before she decides to work with them, and uses local ingredients for flavour. Despite the fact that most cured meats are made using recipes made centuries ago, Adrienne devises recipes on her own, paying homage to British cuisine.

Few people speak with the passion about their work that Adrienne has, and it’s incredibly contagious! Her goal is to be on the forefront of changing the way people see British cuisine. We have no doubt that with her passion, she’ll be leading the way.