BTW: Bermondsey Tonic Water

BTW: Bermondsey Tonic Water was founded by Nick Crispini and Lawrence Mason in 2013. It was born out of a love for gin and the lack of quality tonics available. After opening gin and cocktail bar, 214 Bermondsey, the team set about experimenting with tonics for their collection of 100+ gins (it’s really worth a visit).

Finding that commercial tonics masked the unique flavours of gin, they decided to create their own in order to keep gin as close to its natural state as possible. In Lawrence’s words, if you’re paying £30 - £40 for a bottle of gin you want something that’s going to be kind to it rather than confusing or masking its flavour.

So BTW was born, using all natural ingredients and purposefully avoiding the additives used in commercial tonics. Their staple ingredient is Peruvian cinchona bark, a natural source of quinine, which gives the tonic its golden colour.

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