Broighter Gold

Leona and her husband Richard are 6th generation arable farmers. Along with wheat and barley, they also grow rapeseed; the sunshine yellow crops adorning much of the British countryside come Spring.

Leona started making rapeseed oil when she was pregnant with her son, Jacob. She wanted to have the flexibility to work from home so started experimenting with the crop – usually used by her husband to create bio diesel. Before long she was using it in all her cooking, surprised by its versatility, deliciousness and ability to keep steaks burn-free.

Broighter Gold oil has a distinctive taste and heritage. The farm is situated on unique soil, which sets its flavour apart from other rapeseed oils on the market. Leona uses a cold press process and one crop variety rather than a blend to keep the taste true to the harvest.

Over a century later, it seems like the people of Northern Ireland have found their modern day broighter gold, this time in liquid form. For those that have no idea what we’re on about now – head over to Wikipedia and all will be revealed.

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