Aval Dor

It’s difficult to add value to an unwashed potato. So when Steve was thinking of ways to increase revenue streams at the family potato farm, in the wake of fluctuating commodity prices, he knew there was only one thing for it. Vodka.

Elevating the humble spud from the bottom of the food chain to the top, Steve and his family now make one of the few UK vodkas from scratch. They don’t buy in any bio ethanol; instead they let potato and yeast do their thing, along with some very technical production processes – our mind boggled.

Steve has managed the development of Aval Dor (which is Cornish for potato in case you wondered) from start to finish; it really is a labour of love. The vodka is gaining a reputation amongst restaurants and Michelin starred chefs as one of the best out there, even amongst foreign counterparts. It’s single distilled which allows it to keep its natural character, which spirits lose the more they go through the distillation process.

Aval Dor is one to watch, and try now. One day Steve hopes to have a café and visitors centre on the farm so everyone has the chance to see how it’s made first hand. We can’t wait.