The Great British Battle for the First Bottle of London Whisky in 100 years

1 May 2018 by Operations Team

In 2013, the London Distillery Company were granted the first license to produce Whisky since the beginning of the 19th century. Since then, the London Distillery Company, based from a converted warehouse in Battersea, have been busy distilling. Fast forward five years, and they're now preparing to launch the first London whisky produced in the capital since 1910.

Distilled in a 650-litre copper pot sill fondly nicknamed Matilda after founder Darren's Scottish grandmother, the Single Malt is currently ageing in English Oak barrels and won't be available for at least another year - until the process is complete, and LDC are convinced the whisky is just right. 

A Whisky from London?

Just as whisky has become synonymous with Ireland and Scotland, the rising popularity of gin in the U.K. has resulted in London becoming known primarily for the botanical-based spirit. But, up until the beginnings of the 19th century, the capital was home to multiple whisky distilleries. 

Over in Bow, however, the East London Liquor Company have also been busy distilling a rye whisky and a single malt. “There’s a bit of a race on at the moment to be the first to release a London whisky but we’re in no rush,” says founder Alex Wolpert, “We want to be sure it’s really wonderful first.” ELLC also age the whisky onsite, so with a spare £4,000, it's possible to buy, lay down, and and bottle your very own cask of London whisky.

Law states spirit can be called whisky once it has been matured for three years and one day. With this in mind, the race is more of a marathon than a sprint. But, with a growing trend for consumers to look locally for their produce as opposed to mass-produced supermarket fare, both Whisky's are expected to be a resounding success, regardless of which wins first place.