The Art of Corporate Gifting

18 January 2016 by Jay Douglas

We’ve all been there. It’s 10pm the night before we need to send something to impress a colleague or a client and you have no idea what to buy. Not only this, but we have all been guilty of settling for a bottle of bubbly or a box of chocolates- a nice gesture, but not something that stands out these days.

At Craved, we pride ourselves on taking gift giving to the next level- we are determined to find a way to bring back this forgotten art. Like a picture paints a thousand words, we think that giving a personal gift is a great way to tell the receiver how much you value their help and support throughout the year, building a stronger relationship for the year to come.

So instead of sending that cliché gift box you give out each year why not find out what the person really likes? Here are Craved’s 3 tips for corporate gift giving:

Be unique and get personal

Psychologists have found that giving people genuine and personal gifts based on life experiences provides the receiver and the gift giver with a greater sense of well-being and connection to others.

Through Craved, you can send someone a delicious selection of treats that you can personally tailor and select for a particular individual. If you know they are a cheese connoisseur, a beer fanatic or have a sweet tooth we have the perfect range of craft food and drinks to cover your needs.

Nothing shows someone you appreciate them more than a hand selected box with a personalised handwritten note. Plus, all of our gift collections come in beautiful handcrafted wooden crates- it’s a gift designed to stand out.


Support the local economy

Nowadays, an ethical corporate gift goes a long way. Here at Craved all of our products are sourced from local independent producers from around the UK. In London alone we sell over 120 products from 40 producers. So not only do you know exactly who and where your foodie gift will come from, but you will also be supporting and strengthening these local businesses and the local economy. This special touch will go a long way with corporate clients.  

Give all year (not just Christmas)

Why not spread the gift giving throughout the year and spring a delicious surprise onto a co-worker or client? Here at Craved we have a tempting selection of individual products, perfect for an unexpected gift, bound to make anyone smile.  We believe it’s always a good time to say thank you to a colleague for all their help and hard work and what could be better than their favourite cheese, wine or marmalade delivered to their door to enjoy at the weekend?

Hopefully this blog has helped make the art of corporate gift giving a little less daunting. After all it’s almost Christmas, and present giving is not meant to be a burden but a thoughtful act. So go on, avoid that night-before panic and add that personal touch to your corporate presents this Christmas. For a hassle free festive season check out all of our delicious goodies and collections!