3 Classic Cocktails with a Small Batch Twist

8 October 2015 by Leila Al-Qattan


In honour of London Cocktail Week, we’re celebrating 3 classic cocktails that we've reinvented with a little help from London’s small batch producers. Cheers! 

London Negroni

Rather than stick with the traditional negroni recipe, we decided to mix it up a bit. We use Stellacello’s Amaro London, a lovely liqueur made by an Italian Londoner who creates flavours inspired by his heritage. The Amaro London has a depth and complexity that you don’t find in Campari, so it really brings out the rootiness of the Old Tom Gin that we recommend for use in this cocktail. Then we add in some of our Hibiscus Cordial to give the floral, spiced flavours normally supplied by the vermouth. Add one part of each, stir and serve on the rocks for your very own London Negroni.

1 part Old Tom Gin

1 part Amaro London

1 part Hibiscus Cordial

Stir and serve on the rocks


London Old Fashioned

For our take on the Old Fashioned, we stick with the traditional recipe, instead using only small batch ingredients.

We start with our bespoke sugar, developed for us by the candy makers at Spun. They made it specifically to complement our choice of Artist Blend Whisky and Abbott's Bitters, the latter of which are made using only natural flavours by a seasoned mixologist. Once we’ve added the bitters to the sugar, we finally add our Artist Blend Whisky, an elegant blend of single malt and grain whiskeys that’s been aged in custom-built oak barrels. Add some ice and a slice of orange, stir it up, and you’re good to go. 1 part Artist Blend Whisky

2 dashes Abbott’s Bitters

1 Sugar cube

Soak the sugar in the bitters, add a splash of water, muddle until dissolved and serve on the rocks with a slice of orange and a cocktail cherry.


Gin and Tonic

During Victorian times, British officers mixed quinine (which was known for its anti-malarial properties) with their gin rations to temper its bitter taste, and thus the G and T was born. Recently, however, the use of standard tonic water in the drink has, in our opinion, had a detrimental effect on the taste of the drink. So we found two alternatives that really help to enhance the flavours of gin, rather than hide them.

The first is Cinchona Tonic Water is made by Bermondsey Tonic Water using the original recipe from the Victorian era. They use cinchona bark to make it, which adds a subtle, earthy sweetness that we can’t get enough of. We love it when added to our botanical Old Tom Gin, which was made using a recipe from the 1840’s.

And as a bonus we have another twist on the classic G&T using Square Roots' Artemisia Tonic Water, made in Hackney. It’s a citrusy herbal tonic water with a bitter aftertaste that is one of our new favourite versions of the drink.

1 Part Old Tom Gin

3 Parts Bermondsey Tonic Water or Artemisia Tonic

A squeeze of lime

Stir and serve over ice

You can find the individual spirits and mixers here or each of the cocktails as a kit that's the perfect gift for cocktail lovers: 


So on that note, we’re going to go make ourselves a drink (or three) in honour of our love for great classic drinks!

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