The 6 reasons you should be buying independent food and drink

25 August 2015 by David Voxlin

The craft industry is booming, with independent and handmade products becoming increasingly popular. If you haven’t dabbled in this small batch paradise then let us tell you why you should…

1) It strengthens the local economy – independent businesses put more per pound back into the local economy than commercial retailers with figures from the Federation of Small Businesses suggesting that for every £1 spent by SME’s, 63p is put back into the local economy, compared to only 40p from larger businesses.

    2) Buying independent gives community’s character – craft chocolate from Shoreditch differs from that created in Clethorpes, as do the chutneys created in Clerkenwell and Londonderry. Local produce embodies unique flavours that reflect your area’s personality, making for an exciting and diverse food market. Variety is the spice of life, right?

      3) Buying independent helps builds communities – Relationships are built through the regular transactions in local establishments, which can’t be emulated by large, faceless brands. We all aspire to walk into a store to be greeted with ‘the usual?’ The craft food movement hopes to embody this, take Gosnells London Mead for example, which opens its South London based brewery to the public every Saturday at 2pm so you can get to know the people behind the products, and that couple from down the road you never got a chance to talk to!

        4) It helps the environment – most local producers stick to seasonal produce and source their ingredients locally too. Not only does this invest in local farms and businesses, it also decreases the polluting effects of transporting goods from afar.

        5) It's better for your health – the shorter timespan from field to fork means that your grub is fresher when it reaches your table. In addition to this, local produce is healthier in itself. Research suggests that local honey, for example, can help alleviate hay fever. Props to Barnes & Webb for their postcode honey.

        6) Buying independent strengthens the relationship we have with our food – when we buy a jar of jam from Betty across the street we know exactly where our food is coming from and what’s going into it (if not, we can just ask!). Local, small batch produce ensures transparency in the food supply chain, something we value highly at Craved.

        Shop our range of independent food and drink now and help support craft producers and their local communities.

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