Picnic and Party - Secret al fresco picnic spots in the UK

30 June 2015 by Jessica Doherty









The sun is finally showing its face so it’s time to shake out the gingham blankets and dust off the wicker baskets – it’s picnic time! We’ve put together a list of some of the UK’s hidden picnic locations where you can relax and enjoy the summer daze.


Kynance cove - Cornwall

Kynance Cove in Cornwall (pictured above) boasts stunning white sand beaches, turquoise waters and intriguing rock stacks and caves, which is probably why it’s one of the most photographed and painted places in Cornwall. Kynance Cove Café is situated close by and can cater to all your picnic needs (assuming you couldn’t resist tucking into your Craved foods on the journey, of course).


     Lathkill Dale – Peak District

Take a short walk around Lathkill Dale in the Peak District to work up an appetite before your picnic. The scenery is rich and diverse with towering limestone walls and a river described by Charles Cotton as, “the purest and most transparent stream that I ever saw.” 


     Llanthony Priory - Southeast Wales

The ruins of Llanthony Priory in Southeast Wales make for a fascinating picnic setting. The ruins of the 13th century church create a haunting atmosphere, set amid lush green grass where you can unpack some of your favourite Craved products and enjoy the historic surroundings. 


     Loughrigg Tarn - Cumbria

The banks of Loughrigg Tarn in Cumbria provide an idyllic picnic setting, overlooking the glistening lake. Follow your picnic with a walk through the wooded glade. This secluded location truly is a secret picnic spot with the tarn being barely viable from the surrounding fens. 


     Sands of Morar - Scotland

The silver sands of Morar in Scotland were made famous in the film Local Hero and are a charming location for a beachside picnic. Acahidh Mhoir beach is situated close by, offering almost total seclusion so you can enjoy your picnic in peace.


     Sandwick Bay - Cumbria

Walk through the woods, under the cliffs and onto the beaches of Sandwick Bay, Cumbria. The bay is a lesser-known and quieter area within the Lake District’s second largest lake, Ullswater – one popular among tourists and hikers. Ullswater offers a tonne of activities to complete your picnic plans, from kayaking to a picturesque ride on the Ullswater steamers from which you can sip on a G&T and enjoy the view.


     Dunwich Heath - Suffolk

The serenity of Dunwich Heath in Suffolk is paired with a vibrant array of pink, purple and yellow plants, including coconut scented gorse creating a peaceful and picturesque picnic setting. A picnic on Dunwich Heath would only be complete with some good music and tasty treats from Craved for a truly sensory experience.


     Eltham Palace - London

Eltham Palace in Southeast London is an unoccupied royal residence, built in the 1300s, which now opens its doors to the public. Enjoy the palace’s art deco interiors, lush gardens and surrounding moat (regal indeed) at your leisure. The historic decadence and excess of Britain’s Royals are the perfect excuse to over-indulge in some Craved goodies.


     Holland Park - London

Holland Park has an expanse of woodland as well as a beautiful Japanese garden on its grounds, providing a tranquil sanctuary in the hustle and bustle of Central London. Kick back and crack open a bottle of Dalston Cola for a relaxing inner city retreat.


     Gibside Park - Newcastle

Newcastle’s Gibside Park, near Rowlands Hill in Gateshead, is, “a taste of the country on the edge of the city”, with green spaces, elegant architecture and play areas as well as a café and twice-monthly farmers market where you can top up your Craved picnic baskets. There’s no shortage of areas to explore from the walled garden to the chapel, grab your friends and head to Gibside for a break from the City.


If this has wetted your appetite then head over to the Craved website where you can shop some of our fave summertime products – best served with good music & friends. And if you've got any other favourite picnic spots, let us know!

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